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5 Tips to Get your RUN ON!!

I’ve had several people write to me asking me how to start RUNNING! First let me give you my personal background on my running journey. Im approaching my 5 year Running anniversary, and three year full marathon running anniversary. I started back in April 2012 with my first race ever, a 10k. I had no clue what I was doing, nor did I have anyone to guide me through it. All I did was get out there and run everyday [...]

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How it all began…

Running…my form of “Da3wah” I entered the children’s Museum on Sunday November 8th with my kids and husband, just one day after running the Monumental Marathon. (My fourth marathon). We walked through the World Religions gallery and a huge sign at the beginning of this exuberant gallery was a sign that read “When we learn about the religions of our neighbors, we’re better able to respect and communicate with one anther” Made me think to myself about the whole Runner’s [...]

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