Alhamdullilah this Ramadan  I’ve Partnered up with

Orphans in Need to raise money For 10 orphan Girls in underdeveloped areas. They have supported over 30,000 orphan children, in some of the most deprived areas of the world by giving them a happy, safe, and healthy life.
They work in 14 countries, Palestine (Gaza), Pakistan, Nepal, India, Sierra Leone, Kashmir, Gambia, Mali, Bangladesh, Somalia, Sri Lanka, Afghanistan and Senegal.
Why orphan girls? Becuase they informed me that the girls are way less likely to be sponsored then the boys. So they end up leaving school and working instead of finishing their education.
“One of the main aims of zakat is to narrow the gap between rich and poor. The Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) instructed his commander to take wealth from the rich and *return* it to *their* poor. Meaning wealth is not created by the rich, and local redistribution is the first priority.”
Hope we can all give what we can during this month ., and give back to who need it most.
Jazak Allahu Kair and Peace!
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Salam Everyone, 

I’m stoked to announce that I’ll be running in Palestine with team PennyAppeal in March inshallah! This news couldn’t have come at a better time for me for so many emotional and personal reasons. With one year since the passing of my Baba, I found myself living each day somberly; missing him greatly and losing some motivation in my running.  Raising money for Refugee rooftop gardens gives me a sense of purpose so close to his date of passing. 

I don’t think this invitation to run with team PennyAppealUSA in Palestine (omg I can’t believe I’ll be running the holy streets of Jerusalem) was a coincidence. Raising money in his honor, and for the Palestinian refugees goes hand in hand,. This opportunity to RUN in the HOLY city is something I could only dream of. And now since the opportunity presents itself, I want to make sure I make it all worth it.

Rahaf Khatib

This is a picture of the campaign page, view the donation website here.