Covid-19 Chronicles

Thoughts while I run through this quarantine 🦠 People are cooking and doing laundry more. I smell it and it’s glorious! 👉🏽At first, like the first week, people were out smiling and waving. Typical for us Michigan folks. But now, ppl are just mad or sad and haven’t been as upbeat. Understandably so. I wave and smile regardless. #smilingissunnah 👉🏽 I can’t go out as early as I’d like since I’m staying up late. Then have to fed kids, [...]

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My Medina & Umra trip

Salamualakum all! Its been a really long time since I’ve written anything on here. I don’t quite miss it as writing isn’t my strong suit lol however, this recent trip I went on deserves its own blog post rather than some quick instagram posts. I only ask of you to keep me and my kids in your Duas in exchange for this blog that took me four hours to complete! lol plz plz keep me in your prayers when [...]

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London Marathon 2018

If anyone is thinking of Running this epic marathon, to them I say, just do it! This was a very close second to my favorite marathon, Boston. The crowds and energy were very similar to the incredible day I ran Boston. Parts of the course were quiet in which I was thankful to have my headphones on to listen to music. But for the most part, the crowds and high energy were just amazing. The streets of Europe are narrow [...]

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Eat, Pray, Fast, Run…and Repeat

Ramadan, the worlds oldest detox, cleansing body, mind and soul. As I sit here, only 26 days from the start of this blessed Holy month, hoping to write to you all a very thorough, thought out blog on the do’s and dont’s of running and fasting, I came to the realization that there really aren’t any rules you must abide by to keep active during Ramadan….See its all individual and really a personal preference. Especially when your fasting 17 [...]

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Boston Dream Come True

Every runner has heard of The Boston Marathon. It’s every runners dream to run this prestigious, oldest, World Major. I knew I wanted to run it but knowing that my pace needed work, I didn’t how I would ever get that opportunity. Speed isn’t really a major factor for me I run for the experience and for the thrill of it. So I kinda put Boston in the back burner till that fire sparks in me where I can [...]

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5 Tips to Get your RUN ON!!

I’ve had several people write to me asking me how to start RUNNING! First let me give you my personal background on my running journey. Im approaching my 5 year Running anniversary, and three year full marathon running anniversary. I started back in April 2012 with my first race ever, a 10k. I had no clue what I was doing, nor did I have anyone to guide me through it. All I did was get out there and run everyday [...]

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How it all began…

Running…my form of “Da3wah” I entered the children’s Museum on Sunday November 8th with my kids and husband, just one day after running the Monumental Marathon. (My fourth marathon). We walked through the World Religions gallery and a huge sign at the beginning of this exuberant gallery was a sign that read “When we learn about the religions of our neighbors, we’re better able to respect and communicate with one anther” Made me think to myself about the whole Runner’s [...]

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Runner’s World Cover Search Contest

Here are 5 female Finalists, with Natalie Morales host of the Today Show It was a quiet night at the Joumaa’s, my 3 energetic kids fast asleep. After packing away three lunches, cleaning kitchen post dinner, and tucking the kiddos in bed; I sat on couch and decided to check my Twitter. Mind you, I rarely open my twitter. Maybe once a week since my main portals on social media are facebook and Instagram. Scrolling through my twitter [...]

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