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Eat, Pray, Fast, Run…and Repeat

Ramadan, the worlds oldest detox, cleansing body, mind and soul. As I sit here, only 26 days from the start of this blessed Holy month, hoping to write to you all a very thorough, thought out blog on the do’s and dont’s of running and fasting, I came to the realization that there really aren’t any rules you must abide by to keep active during Ramadan….See its all individual and really a personal preference. Especially when your fasting 17 [...]

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Boston Dream Come True

Every runner has heard of The Boston Marathon. It’s every runners dream to run this prestigious, oldest, World Major. I knew I wanted to run it but knowing that my pace needed work, I didn’t how I would ever get that opportunity. Speed isn’t really a major factor for me I run for the experience and for the thrill of it. So I kinda put Boston in the back burner till that fire sparks in me where I can [...]

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